Wild Boar Eco-Farm

Wild Boar Eco-Farm

The Wild Boar Eco Farm is deep in the beautiful setting of Bong Lai village. The family-run business opened its gates to tourism in April, 2014. Just two kilometres up the road from the iconic Pub With Cold Beer, the Wild Boar Eco Farm offers a similar dining experience – albeit with a different perspective.

Here Cuong and his wife Phuong welcome travellers to their expansive and working boar farm, with sensational vistas over the river and valley. No matter which way you arrive, the atmosphere at the eco farm will make you feel completely at home. Walking through the corn plantations and peanut fields is a perfect entrance to the restaurant.

Cuong enthusiastically gives tours around their property, detailing every part of his business. He is extremely proud of his free-range wild boars and obviously cares a lot for them. Before opening the business the boars were his family’s main source of income. Now thanks to the booming tourism industry, new opportunities are opening up for Cuong and Phuong.

A new hiking path starting from near the Semi Wild Primate Enclosure and finishing at the Wild Boar Eco Farm is being scoped out at the moment, however this still requires utilising a local guide as it is not signposted.

The main appeal of the Wild Boar Eco Farm is to relax, drink and eat by the Bung River. On hot days you can take a dip in its cooling waters, or just swing in a hammock overlooking the valley. Besides the relaxed atmosphere and breathtaking views, the reason people come here is for the chicken. Bred on the farm itself, you order your free-range chicken by the bird. The family then catches and kills the live bird before cleaning, preparing and cooking it over an open fire.