The Pub With Cold Beer

The Pub With Cold Beer

The Pub With Cold Beer is situated deep in the heart of Bong Lai Valley in Phong Nha, off the legendary Ho Chi Minh Highway.

Amongst the beautiful mountains that make up the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, The Pub With Cold Beer has been forging a name for itself as the alternative ‘must-do’ attraction in the region.

Discovered in 2010, The Pub With Cold Beer used to be nothing more than a wooden shack with a dirt floor and dilapidated pool table. Since its humble origins as a poor farmer’s house that supplied hunters and loggers with cold beverages on their way home from work, The Pub With Cold Beer has grown in both size and reputation.

Travellers to the region now seek out the restaurant with jubilant enthusiasm, as it has become famous for their farm-to-table methods. Everything served is grown on their property. One thing that makes it stand out is you have the opportunity to prepare your meal yourself.

From farm to plate you can prepare everything yourself. (only if you want). & the amazing staff will be with you every step of the way.

As well as this, whilst you are waiting for your chicken to cook, you can relax on the many hammocks they have or cool down with the water slide.