Phong Nha Adventure Cycling

Phong Nha Adventure Cycling

The Quang Binh province in Northern, Central Vietnam is quickly developing & is gaining the reputation as the adventure capital of Southeast Asia.

Gargantuan limestone caverns beg exploration beneath the UNESCO World Heritage Listed Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

Hordes of tourists are flocking to the area to venture inside these ancient caves. Now more exciting activities are available for those searching for more pursuits on the surface.

One such experience is Mountain Biking,

Mountain Biking in Phong Nha offers a mix of tough off-road trails, rural surroundings, historic sights and enchanting scenery. You will wonder deep into the heart of the National Park & it will leave you longing to venture back out on two wheels to relive the experience.

The legendary Ho Chi Minh Trails which facilitated the movement of soldiers and war supplies from North Vietnam to battlefields in South Vietnam during the Vietnam/American war. These trails were known as one of the greatest military engineering achievements of the 20th century. There is not only one or 2 Ho Chi Minh trails.

The man behind the Phong Nha Adventure Cycling company is Shi, a Vietnamese legend from a neighbouring village who leads the mountain bike tours in Phong Nha.

Although he is now based in Hue, he spends a great deal of time taking adventurous travellers through the best off-road terrain in the region.