Nuoc Mooc Spring

Nuoc Mooc Spring

Located near Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, Nuoc Mooc spring .

Nuoc Mooc spring quietly threads through the rocks… lightly flows beside the boulder named Dao Tien, swirls white foam & roars over the mossy reef… & then sometimes mysteriously disappears into the interstitial rocks, leaving only the sound of flowing water, echoing up from the ground… and then suddenly gushes up from the another gap in the rocks.

Due this interesting phenomenon, the people of Quang Binh named the stream as Nuoc Mooc. Which means the water springing up from the ground.
Not only crystal clear blue water, Nuoc Mooc spring has wonderful natural landscape with ecosystem diversity. Numerous Birds, buzzing dragonflies & elegant butterflies are everywhere.

Through the poetic trail along the butterflies, adventurer’s will come to the main bathing spot of Nuoc Mooc spring. Centre of the towering cliffs and dense canopy, is a wide and calm jungle lake, visitors can hardly resist the urge to immerse in cool water, or kayak in fresh air and pristine nature.

After exploring the beautiful nature of Nuoc Mooc spring, tourists can stop at a wood-thatch hut, hidden among the tree canopy, on the banks of the romantic stream to enjoy a divine lunch. dishes are grilled over a BBQ succulent chicken & mouth-watering fish make the end of your visit perfect. After lunch swing on a hammock under the shade of the jungle canopy, relax & take in the sounds of the jungle & the gurgling streams.