Duck Stop

Duck Stop

Located in the heart of Bong Lai Valley. The Duck Stop is the perfect place to interact with & support the locals as well as being a fun and unique rural experience.

Owned by Quynh & his family, you will begin your experience by snacking on some fresh peanuts and black pepper grown on the farm and meeting the family that run it. Cassava and rice are also grown on the family farm.

After devouring some tasty snacks, you can head over and feed the ducks.  They also let you know hoe much they appreciate the food by giving you a duck massage.

After this you can make your wish on a duck. This is done by throwing your lucky duck, a playful pastime of the local Vietnamese children.

Once you’re satisfied with your wish, you can head over to visit Big Don, or Donald Trump as people call him. A gentle giant, a compassionate brute, A water Buffalo.

Jump on his back & let him take you to the water hole where you can swim with & bath with him.

Finish your trip with some scrumptious traditional Vietnamese pancakes (BÁNH XÈO).