Our team


Dzung and Huong – young husband and wife

Dzung – a young man from DMZ who has been living in Phong Nha village for 7 years to work for nature conservation and adventurous, sustainable tourism. With the passion to keep Phong Nha as beautiful as 7 years ago, Dzung and his wife build the Jungle Boss Homestay and motivate local people to make more homestay instead of big hotels in the beautiful Phong Nha. Dzung is the manager of Phong Nha Homestay Community and speaks excellently English. He will give you with any knowledge about the National Park, local life and any travel information. Huong is born and grew up in Phong Nha village. With a passion of a young woman to improve her life as well as local people’s, Huong decides to be a part of the Jungle Boss homestay to give the guests the knowledge about Phong Nha people and its culture. Huong is a good cook as many Vietnamese women. You will eat all the food at the homestay is cooked by Huong. Huong can not speak English well, but Jungle Boss will be very useful for the translation


An – The owner of Phong Nha Mountain House

A young local man who is always passionate about the local business and sustainable development. An has been working as a local porter for the tour to Hang Son Doong for years. Having same passion with Dzung and Khanh, An decides to build the Phong Nha Mountain House and becomes a part of the Phong Nha Homestay Community to give a hand to keep his beautiful village from big hotels. An can speak English.


A local family in Phong Nha village, Minh is a local porter and hairdresser. Lu, Minh’s wife is farmer. They have four children, 15 years old, 13 years old, 3 years old and 9 months old. They can not speak English, but you can try to communicate with the older children and teach them English, too