The Homestay Community

The village of Phong Nha is growing very fast as is its tourism. Too many hotels and resorts have been built in, what once was, rural areas around Vietnam.

With a real passion to keep the village of  Phong Nha beautiful and peaceful, the community of Phong Nha have began to develop smaller family run businesses, thus creating Phong Nha Homestay Community.

Our aim is to help build a sustainable community for the local people & create more jobs for the residents that live in the area.

We decided to launch Phong Nha Homestay Community to involve local family run businesses. Our goal is to provide people in the community a chance to share their experience and knowledge about their own homestays with others. This will in turn help to support each other to build the best homestay community in Vietnam.

It will also create an amazing opportunity for tourists to get in touch with local people, experience staying with different families & learn different lifestyle of the residents of Phong Nha.

Ensuring most businesses are family run & are kept within the community helps create the best opportunity to bring more income to the local people. This will in turn help them to develop a sustainable tourism in Phong Nha village

We look forward to welcoming you to Phong Nha Homestay Community